Creating New Habits: Part 2 (Holding Myself Accountable)

In Part 1 of this post, I talked about the new habits I'm adopting. We all know creating new habits is pretty tough, so how am I keeping myself accountable? The answer is surprisingly simple:

I'm tracking my new habits IN MY BULLET JOURNAL.

Yep, I've boarded the bullet journal train––choo choo!––and I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner. It rocks.

There's roughly fourteen billion ways to set up a habit tracker. I opted for the least creative method in existence because I just wanted to get it done, and if I overthought it, I'd probably still be sitting here spellbound by all the crazy awesome ways people have constructed their habit trackers and feeling overwhelmingly inadequate. Oh well, at least now I have #bujogoals. (Yes, "bujo" is the official cool-kid abbreviation, and yes, I feel like a tool for using it.)

My habtracks (YOU GUYS I JUST COINED A WORD WHO'S THE COOL KID NOW HUH) are simple charts. At the top are the days of the month, along the side are the habits I'm focusing on. When I do The Thing, I color in the corresponding box. When I don't do The Thing, I leave the box blank. This isn't rocket surgery. But hey, I got a little creative with the colors, right? I get to build rainbows! And there are few things I love more than rainbows. :-)

Below are my charts for this month. (Yes, WDW = Walt Disney World...three days 'til vacay!) For the record, I don't expect to do all the things in the Daily Habits chart every day––it's more of a way to keep track of how often I do the things listed, rather than aim for doing all of them daily.

my morning routine
daily habits
my evening routine

As you can see, I'm straight-up kicking ass with my nightly routine. But the others? I...uh...have some room for improvement. BUT THAT'S OKAY!

Why is it okay that I'm not doing all that great with my new habits? This answer is also surprisingly simple:

i shifted my MINDSET.

In other words, I've made a crucial change to the way I think about habits altogether. 

In the past, I've attempted to establish new habits––and I failed just about every time. The reason for my failure was always the same: it was all tied up in my definition of failure. I'd do fine for a few days, but inevitably, I'd fall back into my old ways and not do The Thing. Then I'd get frustrated, which instead of motivating me, would convince me that all was lost and I might as well give up because obviously I wasn't able to do The Thing every day or week or whatever. So I'd quit, all because I messed up a few times. And THAT'S the failure. The point is to Build. The. Habit., not be perfect. (Thanks a lot, perfectionistic tendencies.)

Besides making rainbows, another fun thing about the habtracks (I'm determined to make habtracks a real thing) is having an excuse to color every day. :-D  It delights my inner child every time I break out the markers. Who doesn't love markers?!

So now that I've showed you my habtracks (it's happening, you guys), I wanna see yours! How are you keeping track of the things you want to change in your life? I'd love it if you shared your "habit journey" in the comments. Until next time . . . may your habtracks (IT'S TOTALLY A THING NOW DEAL WITH IT) be as colorful as my language when I'm watching college football.